Although it does sound a bit scary, the word gingivectomy really just comes from the latin “gingiva” (the gums) and “ectomia” (removal or excision). Simply put, gingivectomy is a procedure during which excess gum tissue is removed from around the teeth. While oral surgery is never something that you want to have to undergo, this procedure is sometimes warranted.

Reasons for Gingivectomy

Your Carmichael dentist may recommend this procedure if you are experiencing significant gingival enlargement (overgrowth of gum tissue). This condition may have one of a variety of causes:

  • Inflammatory – generally caused by inadequate oral hygiene, this condition doesn’t usually require surgery if proper hygiene techniques are resumed.
  • Medication-induced – certain prescription medicines such as calcium channel blockers and some seizure medications can cause gum tissue overgrowth.
  • Heredity gingival fibromatosis – this is a rare condition which may not become severe until adulthood. Repeated gingivectomies may be required in this case.

Of course, some people just naturally have long gums, making their teeth appear shorter than they care for. So this surgery may be performed solely for cosmetic purposes.

What to Expect

As oral surgeries go, gingivectomy is a relatively simple procedure. You will receive local anesthetic in the relevant areas, and then the extra tissue will be removed. Instruments that may be used for this task include a scalpel, a laser, and potentially a rotary instrument. Stitches are not typically necessary, although you will likely experience some soreness and discomfort for a day or two. Pain medication may be prescribed.

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