If you have reached the point in your dental care that you need to start considering dentures, you will want an idea of the options available to you. These replacement teeth are available in different types, each of which is appropriate for a specific dental situation. Thankfully, dental technology has undergone great advances in the past few decades, and dentures are more natural looking – and comfortable – than ever.

What Type Is Right for Me?

The kind of dentures recommended by your dentist will depend upon whether you have any remaining teeth, and what kind of shape they are in. If you have at least a few remaining teeth that are healthy enough to save, you may be fitted with an overdenture. This type of oral appliance is equipped with a full set of prosthodontic teeth, and is fitted to go over your remaining natural ones.

Your dentist in Carmichael may recommend partial dentures if you have at least one remaining tooth on the top or bottom. A partial, or bridge, is comprised of a plate equipped with teeth which fit into the gaps among your existing natural teeth.

Full dentures require the removal of all remaining teeth, and can either be fitted the same day of the extractions, or after your mouth has healed. If you choose one-day dentures, you will need to return later in order to have the appliance relined or modified to fit your healed mouth.

Even though the process of getting dentures can be involved and time-consuming, the confidence you gain from being able to smile openly is worth the effort.

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