Dental Crowns

dental crowns

Today, there is no reason for anyone to live with a smile that makes them unhappy. There are so many restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures that can be implemented in order to fix dental imperfections. Dental crowns are one of the most popular. This is because they do double duty as a restorative and cosmetic treatment, and also because of their amazing strength and versatility.

A crown is desirable when a tooth is too badly damaged to be fixed using a filling or dental bonding, and/or when the tooth’s appearance cannot be corrected using porcelain veneers. Even the most severely damaged tooth can be fixed using a crown – as long as no more than 2/3 of your tooth is missing, there is every likelihood that you can have it restored with a crown.

The Procedure

For a tooth to be made ready for a crown, the decayed areas have to be removed. Then, impressions or images need to be taken of your teeth. Some dentists will send the impressions to a lab in order to have a master ceramist make your crowns, but at Redford Dental Care, we use the CEREC milling system. With this system, a 3D image is taken of your tooth, and then transferred to a computer. Then your dentist chooses a piece of dental porcelain that will be the same in color as the rest of your teeth. This is placed in the CEREC milling machine, which makes your crown. Then your dentist attaches it with a special cement.

The Benefits

Dental crowns look exactly like your natural teeth – unless you do not want them to. Some patients choose to have a full set of crowns made as a cosmetic treatment. In that case, crowns can be used to change the color and even the shape of your teeth.

Once the crowns are in place, your teeth will look better, and will also be stronger. And with the CEREC system, you do not have to wait for your crowns to come back from a lab – you can have them made and installed in just one visit to our dentist office.

Caring for Your Crowns

Dental crowns do not need special care. Brush and floss regularly, get professional cleanings, and have a dental checkup every six months, and your crowns should last you a very long time – usually decades.

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  • A great family operation (pun intended). I have been a patient of Dr. Davey for a long time and recently had an emergency and the staff and Dr. Davey handled it very well for me and I'm no longer in pain. Tooth infections are a bear to deal with. Thanks again Dr. Davey and staff.

    James D. - Patient
  • You guys are always awesome....from the moment I walk in the door to the moment I leave,. It doesn't matter who I'm dealing with, staff, hygienists, dentists, etc., everyone there is great and always goes above and beyond to make me feel like I am your favorite patient. Wait. I am, aren't I? You guys are stuck with me unless you up and leave town!

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  • I am a big chicken when it comes to the dentist & Dr. Redford & the staff are awesome & very understanding when I'm panicking! He does great work and it's been a long time since I've found a great dentist like him! Not only does he do great work, he is truely a great person!

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