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Dental bonding is a procedure in which a composite resin is applied to the teeth to cover the cosmetic flaws, such as chips, discoloration, imperfections in size or shape, and cracks. It is a cosmetic dentistry procedure used by the cosmetic dentists to match the color of teeth for ensuring a bright and attractive smile. The ultraviolet light used in bonding solidifies the bond that is also a quick solution to filling a cavity area or in repairing of chips. There are people in Carmichael, who use dental bonding procedure instead of braces to enhance the shape and color of teeth. In dental bonding procedure, the dentist applies a composite resin to the teeth to cover the cosmetic flaws, such as chips, imperfections in size or shape, discoloration, and cracks. Redford Dental Care located in Carmichael can provide you optimum dental bonding procedure that perfectly fulfills your desired treatment goals.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a procedure in which the fractured, chipped, a discolored and decayed tooth is repaired through an application of the same colored composite resin. It helps make the teeth stronger, and it is used as a cosmetic substitute to amalgam fillings. Dental bonding procedure is done within a single visit at Redford Dental Care. It is a cosmetic dental procedure that is least expensive and quickest as compared to other cosmetic dental procedures. The material used as the composite resin in dental bonding dentistry can be polished and shaped to match the adjacent teeth effectively.

Coffee, smoking, tea, chocolates and other related substances can leave stains on the composite resin used in dental bonding; therefore, all such things must be stopped at once to minimize or prevent discoloration. The first and the most important aspect that you must discuss with Dr. Redford and Dr. Davey are the treatment goals, which will help the dentist give you better suggestions for the recommended dental treatments. The treatment goals can be a lightening of your teeth color shade, improving teeth structure, etc. During this procedure, a conditioning liquid is applied to coat the tooth that facilitates in the bonding of composite resin. The bonding procedure can take 30 minutes to one-hour duration, depending on the amount needed.

When is Dental Bonding used?

The cosmetic dentist uses dental bonding procedures to enhance the appearance of a chipped or discolored tooth. There are people, who have wider spaces between their teeth; these spaces can be filled with the dental bonding procedure. At times, dental bonding procedures are used as an alternative to fillings, as it can protect the tooth’s root in a comparable way as standard dental fillings.

It is much common among the clients/patients, to have dental bonding after wearing braces. Braces can only adjust the alignment of the teeth, but it does not fill the gaps or does not bring out the shine in teeth. Dental bonding is a must for improving the results of braces, which can also hide the stains formed due to braces. Dental bonding at Redford Dental Care is recommended for those individuals who have good oral health. An individual diagnosed with any gum disease or cavities must have to undergo the oral treatment to resolve these issues; only then he/she would be able to go for dental bonding procedures.

The most aggressive and shared cause of dental discoloration is smoking, which must be avoided to keep the impact of dental bonding procedure longer. Whitening treatments and dental bonding procedures can last long and maintain a bright smile if the individual maintains good oral hygiene. Dental bonding at Redford Dental Care in Carmichael is a remarkable procedure used in conjunction or independently with other restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as dental crowns, dental bridges, and teeth whitening procedures.

Can Dental Bonding Straighten / Fix Crooked Teeth?

The dentist can use dental bonding to fix crooked and straighten the teeth that are slightly out of placement. The cosmetic dentist can slightly reshape the tooth if it is not aligned properly. In the process of fixing the crooked teeth or straightening them, the dentist can also apply composite resin to make the tooth adjust effectively with its adjacent teeth. The composite resin used in dental bonding adds more length or width to teeth. Those, who have more uneven teeth due to edges or gaps, can use bonding to make them even and well-shaped. Ultimately, the primary goal of the cosmetic dental procedure is to ensure beautiful smiles, which complements the natural facial structure of an individual.

How Long Should Dental Bonding Last?

Dental bonding at Redford Dental Care in Carmichael can last up to 11 years if proper oral hygiene is maintained. Therefore, those who have undergone dental bonding must avoid having ice cubes, hard candy, and other related substances, which can crack or harm the composite resin. The nature of the area that is bonded also plays an effective role in determining its life. The composite resin is not as strong and firm as one’s natural enamel; therefore, dental care and precautions extend the duration of the bonding procedure. The cosmetic dentists have recommended teeth cleaning every six months for the revival of dental bonding.

Is Dental Bonding Covered By Insurance?

The purpose of dental bonding is of great importance, as the cost may vary accordingly. If dental bonding is used to fill a gap or cavity, then it might cost around $90-$300, but if the cavity is larger, it can cost much more than that. The insurance plans cover 50 to 80% of the dental bonding procedure. If amalgam is to be replaced with dental bonding, it will cost much less as compared to any wide gap or cavity filling.

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