Sedation Dentist in Carmichael

Sedation dentist Carmichael

Redford Dental Care in Carmichael offers a variety of dental services in accordance with your needs. In order to avoid the risk of pain, we use conscious sedation in dentistry. Performing sedation for dental treatment requires anesthesia monitoring and all other components of anesthesia.

For this, we have specialized sedation dentists. The presence of qualitative anesthesia in sedation dentistry has made oral surgery absolutely painless. Sedation in dentistry is the treatment of teeth with comfort and without pain. So, it is good for you if you have a great fear of the specific procedure for dental treatment. For instance, you may be afraid of exposure to needles, drilling, and tooth extraction.

At the thought of visiting a dentist, does panic begin? You are not alone; many patients tremble at their feet and are afraid of a dental clinic. Age does not matter here; dentophobia affects both young children and adult men.

Our sedation dentists in Redford Dental Care in Carmichael will treat you with their specialized techniques of anesthesia. This will remove your fear of pain during your respective dental procedure. Dental treatment under sedation is necessarily performed in conjunction with local anesthesia since sedation itself is not anesthesia.

You will be either provided with the deep sedation or superficial sedation. This will be later decided by our specialized sedation dentists according to the nature of the oral surgery.

Deep sedation is a state of oppression of consciousness in which you will be in a state of sleep. You cannot follow the doctor’s instructions and often lose the ability to breathe adequately. Deep sedation does not lead to a complete switch off of pain sensitivity. So, it is supplemented by local anesthesia. The line between deep sedation and anesthesia is very thin. So, this kind of anesthesia is inherent in all those limitations that are characteristic for treatment of teeth under anesthesia.

With deep sedation, the patient is immersed in a state of sleep and is unable to react to surrounding external stimuli.

The other technique is superficial sedation that is most often used in which there is minimal depression of the patient’s consciousness. During this procedure, adequate breathing is maintained throughout.
After treatment of the teeth, there are very few memories of the performed procedure in the memory of the patient. On the one hand, this is because sedation causes a state of deep relaxation. In this, the perception of external stimuli (light, sound, etc.) is greatly dulled.

On the other hand, medications used for intravenous sedation themselves cause a partial or complete loss of memory (amnesia). This corresponds to the duration of action of these drugs.

Dentists and anesthetists prefer the method of deep sedation. In this state, the patient’s consciousness is not subjected to severe depression and oppression when fully immersed in sleep. The patient remains receptive to the instructions and commands of the doctor. There is a major advantage that distinguishes the superficial sedation from general anesthesia and sleep states. That is the preservation of normal breathing during the whole process of dental treatment.

However, both of the above-mentioned techniques require the execution of local anesthesia. Further, when we mention the method of sedation used in the treatment of teeth. We will have in mind the technique of superficial sedation.

Dental sedation is particularly useful if you do not want to remember what happens during the procedure of dental treatment. Sedation dentistry is great for patients who suffer from dental anxiety as it allows patients to relax and sit still.

With sedation, you will be simply in a state of complete relaxation and tranquility. You will breathe on your own and respond to the request of your dentist. At the same time, the memory of events can be partially or completely lost. This has a positive effect on your psycho-emotional status, including the need for repeated procedures.

Sedation dentistry services is essential in such cases:

  • The patient experiences a panic fear of dental treatment (dentophobia).
  • There is a feeling of severe discomfort in dental procedures.
  • Dental treatment in children. Sedated children under the influence of nitrous oxide sedation can calmly watch cartoons for 40-60 minutes while the dentists perform their procedure.
  • The need for complex dental treatment. Sedation dentistry allows you to spend extended periods of time in the chair without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Patients with hypertension: there is no stress and anxiety. Therefore, the blood pressure stays normal.
  • Removal of teeth under sedation is recommended in difficult cases (wisdom teeth and neglected forms).

There are main principles of the appointment and application of a specific method of sedation. For example, mandatory conduction of preliminary anesthesia examination of the patient and related activities to ensure full safety during treatment.

For your respective dental procedure, you may be sedated by any inhalation, oral method, or intravenously. The types of sedation are determined by the way the drug is injected into the patient’s body.

The important point which should be taken into consideration that sedation is not anesthesia. The main difference is that a patient under sedatives is not “turned off”. He remains conscious all the time, can react to questions and opens his eyes. Some patients describe even a state of mild euphoria – amazing sensations in the dental clinics. Sedation eliminates fear but allows you to feel pain so that you can use local anesthesia.

If you have a potentially painful or prolonged dental surgery, sedation will ease you. It will help you to transfer the entire procedure without anxiety and fear in a relaxed and peaceful state.

So that you do not experience unpleasant sensations during the treatment procedure.

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Call us now and book your appointment if you have similar issues with your oral health! Our experienced dentists of Redford Dental Care will select for you an individual plan of sedation depending.

  • A great family operation (pun intended). I have been a patient of Dr. Davey for a long time and recently had an emergency and the staff and Dr. Davey handled it very well for me and I'm no longer in pain. Tooth infections are a bear to deal with. Thanks again Dr. Davey and staff.

    James D. - Patient
  • You guys are always awesome....from the moment I walk in the door to the moment I leave,. It doesn't matter who I'm dealing with, staff, hygienists, dentists, etc., everyone there is great and always goes above and beyond to make me feel like I am your favorite patient. Wait. I am, aren't I? You guys are stuck with me unless you up and leave town!

    Tonja B. - Patient
  • I am a big chicken when it comes to the dentist & Dr. Redford & the staff are awesome & very understanding when I'm panicking! He does great work and it's been a long time since I've found a great dentist like him! Not only does he do great work, he is truely a great person!

    Melissa Z. - Patient