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Periodontist Carmichael

At our office in Carmichael, we provide services for dealing with periodontics. The periodontal diseases include diversified dental complications ranging from simple inflammation of gums to severe damage to bone and tissues. We offer a range of treatments for periodontal diseases, ranging from mild inflammation to severe dental complications. If you notice bleeding or swollen gums, you might be at risk of periodontal diseases. We believe in providing services for assuring your oral health and saving you from dental infections.

Periodontics is one of the fields of dentistry which deals with the inflammatory diseases. The periodontal diseases destroy your gums and supporting structures around your teeth.

There are various symptoms of periodontal diseases, including bleeding gums. Ignoring these symptoms can increase the risk of severe dental problems.

We offer you to visit our clinic. Our specialized periodontists will brief you about prevention, and diagnosis of these periodontal complications.

Our dentists recommend physical examination and some diagnostic tests for identifying the nature and severity of periodontal disease.

Periodontal Disease in Carmichael

Bacteria of dental plaque causes periodontal infections. Other than plaque, the hormonal changes, poor habits of oral hygiene, family history of dental diseases, and use of medications might cause periodontal diseases. The periodontal diseases are infections in the structures surrounding the teeth.

More specifically, periodontal diseases affect gums, the periodontal ligaments, cementum (covering of root), and the alveolar bone. If you suffer from gum infections, you might be at the initial stage of periodontal diseases. The severe periodontal diseases also affect structures surrounding your teeth and gums.

The periodontal diseases can affect individuals belonging to different age groups. These diseases are less common among teenagers. Initial stages of periodontal diseases are commonly found among teenagers. The periodontal diseases are most common in males as compared to females.

The periodontal diseases do not only affect oral health but also give rise to other medical complications. The periodontal diseases increase the risk of blocked arteries and cardiac problems. These diseases also increase the risk of stroke due to blockage in arteries.

Females suffering from periodontal diseases are at an increased risk of experiencing premature delivery.

Periodontal diseases among diabetic patients cause constant fluctuations in blood sugar levels. The severe levels of periodontal diseases also give rise to the lung infection.

Periodontal Treatment in Carmichael

At our office in Carmichael offers a wide range of treatments for periodontal diseases. We provide the facilities for:

  • Root planning (procedure of cleaning the surfaces of infected roots)
  • Scaling of teeth
  • The debridement of root surface (procedures for removing damaged tissues)
  • Regenerative procedures for lost bones and tissues.

The fundamental goal of periodontal treatment involves treatment for controlling infections. The treatment techniques and durations are based on the severity of periodontal diseases.

On the basis of the nature of the periodontal disease, our dentists also provide recommendations for aftercare. Along with taking special care of your teeth, improving lifestyle-related behaviors such as quitting smoking and tobacco use also improve the outcomes of periodontal diseases.

Complete periodontal diseases consist of different stages. Initially, the dentists remove plaque from the infected teeth through the deep cleansing method. The periodontists also perform scaling and root planing of teeth in periodontal treatment. The process of scaling and root planning also involves the use of medications.

The dentists scrape off the tartar from the areas above and below the gum line. The scrapping of tartar also removes spots present on the root of teeth. The process of root planning is also helpful in the removal of bacteria contributing to periodontal disease. The densities recommend taking medications until the completion of the treatment procedure.

The periodontal treatment can also involve surgical procedures for patients suffering from severe gum diseases. Similar to the non-surgical treatment, your dentist will also use various medications for carrying out surgical procedures.

The severe periodontal disease might also require surgical procedures. Common surgical treatments for the periodontal diseases include flap surgery and grafting of bone and tissues.
Initially, dentists prescribe deep cleansing treatment and medications for treating periodontal diseases. If deep pockets and inflammation cannot be treated by using medications, the dentists recommend surgical treatment.

Flap surgery removes tartar deposited in deep pockets for cleaning the infected area. The removal of tartar from gums is followed by lifting the back of gums. The dentists then suture gums back into teeth, allowing the tissues to fit around the infected area in normal ways.

We also provide you with the facilities of bone or tissue grafting. Grafting is the procedure to encourage or replace the growth of new gums and bones destroyed due to periodontal diseases. The technique of guided tissue regeneration is also used in the treatment of periodontal diseases. In this surgical technique, dentists insert a small flesh like fabric between the infected gum tissues and bones. This technique allows the growth of gum tissues in the specified area, allowing re-growing of bone and connective tissues.

The periodontal treatment might not last for long time duration. The efficacy of periodontal treatment is dependent on the severity of medical complication. You can contribute in increasing efficacy of the periodontal treatment by maintaining oral hygiene. A regular visit to your dentists (at least once every six months) can prevent periodontal diseases. Daily brushing and flossing help to remove most of the plaque from your teeth, but professional cleaning also keeps plaque under control. The use of tartar control toothpaste also helps in the removal of plaque and tartar formed below the gum line.

Schedule an Appointment for Periodontal Treatment

If you are suffering from gum infection, we advise you to visit our office. You can contact us on our phone and through our website. Once your periodontal treatment is completed, we will also guide you for after caring your teeth. We believe in putting a beautiful smile on your face and increasing quality of your life. Feel free to contact us, we will facilitate you in the best way!

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