A few decades ago, lasers in healthcare applications were a futuristic concept viewed with suspicion, if not outright fear. But the truth is that lasers have been used with success in many health fields, and their benefits and safety are well proven. Laser dentistry is simply the logical next step in incorporating this less invasive, less painful technique into your overall wellness care.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

This high-tech tool offers many advantages over traditional treatments like drilling.

It’s versatile – lasers can be used on soft tissue like gums, as well as on teeth. They can also be used to detect cavities, in whitening treatments, and for gum surgery. Other laser dentistry treatments include those for TMJ disorder, and nerve regeneration.

It’s quiet – rare is the patient who doesn’t dread the whirring, grinding sound of the drill. You don’t have to worry about this with the laser – the only sound it makes is a subtle clicking.

Laser dentistry is safer and less painful – because it doesn’t use any friction, this treatment option typically requires less anesthetic. There is also a nearly non-existent risk of damage to nearby tooth matter or gum tissue.

You will recover faster – laser dental treatments sterilize as they cut, so bleeding and infection are greatly reduced. Healing time is also much quicker.

If you’ve been afraid to try out this advanced technology in your dental procedures before, now is the perfect time to give it a chance. Lasers offer about as close to pain free dentistry as you can get thus far, making those necessary procedures much less traumatic.

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