Invisalign Dentist in Carmichael

Invisalign dentist Carmichael

Redford Dental Care in Carmichael uses Invisalign to straighten teeth.

Have you ever worn metal braces? If you have then you know firsthand that they are very efficient when it comes to straightening your teeth, but they do not look all that good and are not particularly comfortable. Even if you have never had metal braces, chances are you know someone who has and you may have heard about the other inconveniences involved like food getting trapped and difficulty in cleaning.

Fortunately, metal braces are no longer the only solution available, except in cases of severe bite problems, dental imperfections requiring the use of braces will often respond effectively to Invisalign clear aligners.

How Invisalign Works

Several orthodontic issues are resolved with the help of Invisalign with no difficulties that are commonly found in traditional braces. People do not want to put on the unattractive metal wire, annoying rubber bands and uncomfortable poking on their teeth as it has a bad impact on their smile and can result in a sore mouth. A series of custom-fit and clear removable aligners are used in Invisalign treatment to straighten and align your teeth within a year.

First, an impression of client’s teeth is taken by the dentist to form a series of aligners in a lab. These aligners are made of thermoplastic material, which is robust and flexible at the same time to keep the wearer comfortable for a longer duration. The material used in the development of Invisalign is virtually invisible; therefore, people do not feel odd wearing them in public places.

How Long Invisalign Takes

The duration of Invisalign may vary according to the needs of the wearer, but on an average one year is the estimated time that is recommended by dentists at Redford Dental Care. The aligners need to be worn for at least 22 hours a day and after every two weeks, these need to be replaced with the next series of aligners. Just in months, the aligners will start to move teeth to the right place.

Can Invisalign Fix Overbites/Underbites?

Underbites or overbites can be corrected effectively through the Invisalign procedure. These are some of the most common issues reported to dentists worldwide. Redford Dental Care is confident enough that its Invisalign dentists can get the dental issues such as underbites or overbites rectified efficiently through Invisalign. Correction of the bite can be a painful and time-consuming process, and due to this, several adults do not pay attention to these issues and have learned to live with them. Invisalign is a painless procedure that does not even require frequent visits as you just have to change the aligners provided according to the specified duration by your dentist. Redford Dental Care continuously works for providing the best possible measures to provide its clients a dazzling smile.

Can Invisalign Fix Gaps?

The abnormal growth of jawbone can cause gaps between teeth, which can be effectively treated through the Invisalign dental procedure. Due to extra space created by the missing teeth, other teeth get shifted in the surrounding, which creates gaps. As a result, you may end up with a gum problem. The gap and spacing issue leads to the increased risk of periodontal disease if not treated on a timely basis. If you have gaps between your teeth, you must visit Redford Dental Care because our experts will do a thorough examination of your teeth and a virtual scan so that you can be confident enough to smile openly in front of the public.

The Invisalign Difference

As you can infer from the name, Invisalign clear braces are practically invisible. This is because these transparent thermoplastic aligners require no bands and no wires. Not only do Invisalign braces look better than their metal counterparts, but you also have to see the dentist less frequently because there is nothing that needs to be tightened. Once your Invisalign aligners are made, you will receive them all at the same time. You change them yourself at home and only see the dentist every so often just to be certain that your treatment is moving along as it is supposed to. The lack of need for regular tightening also means that you will not have to suffer days of discomfort after the visits to your dentist.

Other than their appearance, the greatest advantage of Invisalign is the fact that the aligners can be removed.

You take them out at mealtimes then brush your teeth or floss them and put the aligners back on. This means that you never have to give up the food items you enjoy and you will not have face the problem of food getting stuck. As food will never get trapped under your Invisalign clear braces and cause tooth decay a few years down the road.

Treatment is also shorter than it is with metal braces – although you will still have to use a retainer, the treatment itself is usually over within a year as opposed to two or more years with conventional braces.

Are You a Candidate?

If you are unhappy with your smile or have a bite defect that does not require the use of metal braces, you are probably a candidate for Invisalign. Your dentist can do an assessment and determine if Invisalign is right for you.

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If you have crooked teeth or other bite issues and also do not want to put on inconvenient and discomforting metal braces then contact Redford Dental Care for consultation. We are available by phone at 916-972-8851 and you can also book an appointment by using the convenient form on our Contact Us page. We are located at 6246 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Carmichael, CA 95608. Let us help you to attain the healthy smile you deserve.

  • A great family operation (pun intended). I have been a patient of Dr. Davey for a long time and recently had an emergency and the staff and Dr. Davey handled it very well for me and I'm no longer in pain. Tooth infections are a bear to deal with. Thanks again Dr. Davey and staff.

    James D. - Patient
  • You guys are always awesome....from the moment I walk in the door to the moment I leave,. It doesn't matter who I'm dealing with, staff, hygienists, dentists, etc., everyone there is great and always goes above and beyond to make me feel like I am your favorite patient. Wait. I am, aren't I? You guys are stuck with me unless you up and leave town!

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  • I am a big chicken when it comes to the dentist & Dr. Redford & the staff are awesome & very understanding when I'm panicking! He does great work and it's been a long time since I've found a great dentist like him! Not only does he do great work, he is truely a great person!

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