Gingivectomy Surgery in Carmichael

Gingivectomy Surgery Carmichael

We perform gingivectomy procedures for the removal of diseased gingival gums that is associated with severe underlying issues. It is a surgical procedure performed cautiously by dentists and is adopted when all non-surgical procedures fail. Depending on the severity of periodontitis, the gingivectomy is referred by our dentists at Redford Dental in Carmichael if therapeutic procedures and other attempts failed. Gingivectomy surgery in Redford Dental Care is done by a set of experts and professional dentists to ensure the best services and treatment.

What is A Gingivectomy Procedure?

A gingivectomy procedure is defined as the surgical procedure that is used to cure severe gums problems which cannot be cured by root scaling and antibiotics. This procedure is also used for reshaping or removing the diseased tissues and to escape the pockets or gaps between gums and teeth. This procedure is performed by an oral surgeon, dentist or gum specialist of Carmichael. A gingivectomy procedure starts with gum numbing with the help of any local anesthetic or a laser can be used for removal of gum tissues. Dentists can perform this procedure, but in most cases, oral surgeons and periodontists are preferred. This procedure is based on different steps and before carrying out the gingivectomy procedure, tartar and bacteria on teeth are removed by root planing and scaling. This process is conducted by our Redford Dental Care dentists who are trained in periodontal surgery.

The traditional method that is used for removal of gums is called a scalpel. Most dentists use the less invasive method for removal of diseased gums such as laser gingivectomy. This method is also appropriate for faster healing and it minimizes bleeding time. The cost and time required for this surgical procedure are dependent on the method and approach that is used. According to different types of gingivectomy procedures, the cost differs. On the other hand, the time required for this procedure can extend from a few minutes to an hour or more based on the gingivectomy procedure as well as the intensity of the tissues to be removed.

After the procedure of gingivectomy is completed, a periodontal dressing is used for covering the gums to protect them during the healing procedure. The average healing and protection time for the gums is 7 to 10 days and some post-surgery guidelines are presented to the patient by dentists of Carmichael so that any type of complication can be avoided.

During healing, it is imperative to follow the guidelines that are provided by the dentist to avoid the accidental removal of dressing or any issue or damage to the gums. One of the guidelines is to eat soft food items and intake liquids to keep the dressing in place. Oral hygiene practices must be used, but precautions are required to avoid any issue of dressing. In addition to this, brushing in the areas near the surgical sites must be avoided until the dentist tells that it is safe. The recovery time of each patient is different and in most cases, the recovery time of the gums is extended over several weeks. The normal appearance of gums is achieved in several weeks and complete healing requires almost three months. After the removal of the gum tissues, a temporary putty is put in the gum line for the protection of gums during the healing procedure.

What Does Gingivectomy Mean?

Gingivectomy is a term that represents the surgical removal of gum tissues or gingiva. This term means excision of gingiva. The gingivectomy is performed by the removal of the pocket wall and provides accessibility and visibility for complete removal of the calculus. Roots are smoothed so that an effective environment is formed for the healing of gingiva as well as to restore the physiologic contour of gingiva. The reason for carrying out this procedure is to avoid the creation of deep pockets as calculus and plaque may be accumulated in the deep pockets which are difficult to clean. This is the reason why gingivectomy is done to treat the gum disease before it spreads to the bones that provide support to the teeth. This phenomenon was developed for the treatment of periodontal disease; however, this approach is also used for cosmetic surgery. This procedure is used by the dentist for removal of the overgrown tissues of the gums and is related to improvement in the gums appearance.

When is a Gingivectomy Needed?

The gingivectomy is crucial when deep pockets are created due to pull away from teeth. This is an effective method for treatment of gum diseases that are very serious and provide support in the prevention of serious issues, for instance, root canal infections, tooth decay, etc. For severe diseases of gums, this surgical procedure is used because it is difficult to cure gum issues and damaged tissues by root scaling and planing. Gingivectomy is needed when the condition cannot be cured with the help of antibiotics. Some people undergo gingivectomy for cosmetic purposes and patients have the gummy smile which is aesthetically pleasing and gums are less prominent. For cosmetic purposes, it is carried out to make the appearance of teeth appropriate as may appear small due to enlarged gums. Thus, this surgery cures the teeth that are sunken under the gums. Furthermore, this process is also used for the treatment of enlargement of gums that have occurred due to different drugs, genetic issues, and other diseases. In addition, a gingivectomy is effective for the elimination of abscesses and supra bony infections, and in some cases for treatment of malformation of gums.

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