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Specialized Implant Treatment Starting at just $300 a Month

  • Enjoy a complimentary implant consultation (valued at $236)
  • A 3D scan and full mouth series of x-rays are included
  • Price also includes implant surgery, abutment, and crown
  • No referrals, less confusion and paperwork
  • Saves you money




  • 3D CT Scan
  • CT Guided Surgery Available
  • Oral Sedation
  • Work with Redford Dental Care

Why Redford Dental Care for Dental Implants?

Generally, dentists have referred their patients to expensive specialists for dental implants. Luckily, the dentists at Redford Dental Care have invested their time in training and the necessary equipment to make the dental implants procedure possible at our Carmichael dental office. Our in-house service saves you the hassle of going to a new dentist and a large amount of paperwork that goes along with it. Our experts will also help you save time in the dental chair and money spent on the treatment. We have all the technology we need in-house to evaluate your smile and prepare for the procedure. At an unbeatable price, your teeth will be restored with minimal post-operative discomfort. Dental implants are the most ideal permanent solution for missing teeth.

dental implant

The Smartest Solution

Dental implants were introduced to the United States in 1982, and since then, they have been recognized as the best solution for restoring missing teeth. The past 40 years of use have proven the many clinical benefits and the long life-span. Investing in dental implants not only saves patients money in the long run, but it helps their mouth be healthier than it would without dental implants. It has been proven that there is a direct correlation between the health of the mouth and the overall health of a person and their life expectancy. To ensure you live your healthiest and longest life, Redford Dental Care offers competitive fees and flexible payment options to help patients gain access to the treatment they need on terms they can afford. We have helped hundreds of patients who have taken advantage of our payment options.

Cutting Edge Dental Technology

Although technology does not ensure guaranteed results, it does help our doctors provide more precise and effective treatments. During the dental implants procedure, our doctors will start with a CT Cone Beam scan to evaluate the patient’s bone mass and best placement area for the dental implants. Our doctors’ evaluation of the scan gives the the insights needed to restore and place dental implants with a success rate of greater than 95% over the past ten years.
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With CareCredit, patients can receive a line of credit that is accepted at over 175,000 providers nationwide to finance their dental care needs. Once you have been approved, you can use CareCredit to pay for any procedures or treatments you or your family may need immediately. You can then simply pay back what you owe with convenient monthly payments.