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Dental exams & x-rays Carmichael

“Good teeth, good health” is a famous saying revealing the importance of teeth and dental health. A doctor is responsible to examine the general health and related complications. Your dentist is the person who examines your teeth by performing dental exams to figure out the problems suffered by the patient. Dentists at Redford Dental Care in Carmichael use radiological techniques and carry out dental x-rays to figure out dental issues. We have specialized and skilled dentists who can provide quality treatment for your teeth. We offer dental exams and different x-rays techniques to explore the current state of your teeth.

Dental x-rays are very similar to diagnostic imaging techniques used in other health care settings with the obvious peculiarities of the area they are dealing with. There are several types of dental x-rays, which give different information to each patient. We can group them into two large groups:

Extra-Oral Dental X-Rays

Orthopantomography, also termed as panoramic dental radiography, is the most common type of dental radiography. In fact, it is the most commonly performed dental exam on the first visit of the patient to the clinic. With an x-ray machine, a complete picture of the patient’s mouth is taken. Dentists at Redford Dental Care can identify pathologies in dental roots and teeth which do not erupt from the gum. You can also assess the condition of the joints and jaws using this technique.

Dental CT scans are like the scanners that are commonly used in medicinal practices. The dental CT takes hundreds of images from different angles of the patient’s mouth. These x-rays are sent to a computer, which generates a 3-dimensional virtual image of the patient’s mouth. From there, we make sections to observe the structure of the patient’s mouth at specific points. It also provides deep details of the patient’s mouth which would be extraordinary without this technique. Cephalometry or teleradiography is a type of radiography used in the dental field. This technique helps teach the general state of teeth structure and proportions between them to detect dental problems. We perform these services in a very healthy and safe environment at our clinic.

Intraoral Dental Radiographs

This type of x-ray gives the image of the patient’s mouth from inside. They are used mainly to identify cases of interproximal caries (between the patient’s teeth) or problems in the roots of the teeth. Although it is not ideal, to facilitate its realization the patient is sometimes asked to be the one who holds the radiological plate. They are divided into:

Periapical Radiographs: They are used to obtain a complete picture of the structure of one or two teeth such as roots and crowns.
Flap / Bite X-ray: The plaque is placed along the patient’s bite to obtain a complete picture of the patient’s dental crowns. They are used especially in cases of interproximal caries.

Why Dental Exams/X-Rays are Important

The radiology equipment used in dental clinics play a significant role with respect to dental exams and diagnosis. X-rays are essential tools for dentists, facilitating their work and making it faster to save time and money. Radiographs detect pathologies, injuries and other problems of the mouth such as improper positioning of dental pieces. We use x-rays at our clinic which has the ability to penetrate the body and take detailed images of each millimeter.

The question raises that do these rays pose any health hazard? X-rays despite being penetrating are safe for our health. The levels of radiation we expose ourselves to are very low. This means that the chances of suffering from possible harmful effects are less. Pregnant women should report their condition before undergoing radiation. Here is the list of the most important “jobs” which are performed using dental x-rays at Redford Dental Care:

  • We confirm that the position of the dental piece is adequate.
  • To know if there are dental pieces that have not yet erupted such as wisdom teeth.
  • If there is a rupture or other jaw injury.
  • To detect dental abscesses and oral tumours.
  • Observation of possible bone problems.
  • Diagnosing cavities.
  • Perceiving defects in dental occlusion.

It is the significance and functionality of the radiology equipment that we have picked this technology at Redford Dental Care. We currently have the latest advancements in the dental area. 3D scanners and CT radiology have improved the diagnosis and effectiveness of our treatments. It is an essential technology for the placement of dental implants. If you need more information or have any questions about dental x-rays or any other dental issue, do not hesitate and call us to ask about it.

How Often Should You Get a Dental Exam?

A misconception is there in the general population to visit a doctor when there is pain or perceive symptoms of a disease manifesting itself. The concept of “prevention” is in evidence, but the daily rush ends up several patients to leave health in the background. The belief that brushing teeth daily after meals is enough keeps the dental appointment to be postponed.

The intention of a dental visit is only for times of a toothache or oral complications. So, how many times should you visit the dentist?

The number of visits to the dentist should be determined by discussing with professionals who usually care about your teeth. The dental plans usually cover two professional cleanings and dental examinations a year. Many experts recommend that the patient make an appointment every six months. However, the number of visits may be higher if people have the tendency to have problems such as cavities, tartar, gums, etc. This shows that with regular check-ups, oral health can be closely monitored avoiding possible complications.

In-office prophylaxis is significant for removing plaque and tartar as well as to prevent dental diseases. A dental exam is a full oral examination that expresses the dental and medical history. Especially, it is very helpful for patients who smoke. Dental radiographs are also useful for assessing the teeth roots, gums and bone structure. Not only this, it is also helpful in assessing the problems that are not visible on the surface. Healthy people should have dental exams once a year, but for people with severe dental problems, it is recommended more often.

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