Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dental care that primarily focuses on the way your smile looks. From replacing missing teeth to teeth whitening, there is a large range of services that are considered cosmetic, and many of them are also considered preventative or restorative treatments as well. Your smile cannot be beautiful without being healthy, so the first step for any cosmetic dentistry procedure is to ensure that your teeth and gums are in great shape.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Your cosmetic dentist may recommend treatments such as:

  • Teeth whitening, to create whiter, brighter smiles.
  • Invisalign clear braces, to correct misaligned teeth without metal braces.
  • Porcelain veneers, to cover a wide range of dental issues.
  • Implants, to replace missing teeth.
  • Contouring, or reshaping, to mold your teeth into a more ideal shape.
  • Inlays and onlays, to fill cracks or cavities in a way that is nearly invisible.

Any of these treatments could provide you with the lovely new smile that you have always wanted. After your cosmetic dentist in Carmichael as determined that your teeth and gums are healthy, they can then work with you to determine which cosmetic dentistry procedures would best address your concerns. It may be that a combination of procedures is used to correct and enhance your smile – a process that many dentists refer to as a “smile makeover”.

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