Many residents in Carmichael avoid visiting the dentist because they suffer from a fear of the dentist or dental anxiety. This means that the thought of visiting the dentist gives them anxiety. This can be due to bad experiences in the past at the dentist or an irrational fear they have. There are also patients who avoid visiting us because they find it hard to sit still during their appointment. Whatever the reason, these patients are not receiving the dental care they need which can be detrimental to their dental health and result in extensive pain, severe infections and expensive procedures. You no longer need to fear to go to the dentist or avoid appointments because you find it hard to sit still. At Redford Dental Care, we offer sedation dentistry options for these patients. As a result, you can find the dental care you need while staying completely relaxed the entire time. Find out about all of the reasons you should consider sedation dentistry in Carmichael.

  1. Consider Sedation Dentistry to Make Your Appointments Go By Faster

One of the most appealing aspects of sedation dentistry is that it can help your appointments go by faster. This is appealing to patients who suffer from all types of dental anxiety or find it hard to sit still. Since sedation dentistry relaxes you and makes you comfortable, your dentist is able to complete your procedures faster, therefore making your appointments go by faster. They also go by faster because you feel completely relaxed, making your time in the chair extremely comfortable. The sedation may even make you drift off to a light sleep which can definitely make time go by fast. Since you will feel so relaxed, you won’t feel like you need to stop Dr. Redford every second to voice a concern or to take a break. As a result, Dr. Redford is able to complete your needed procedures more efficiently, helping you be on your way sooner.

  1. Consider Sedation Dentistry to Make Procedures Easier

At Redford Dental Care, we see lots of patients who have dental problems that have grown out of control and could have been treated at a much earlier stage. With sedation dentistry, you will find that dental procedures are much easier to sit through, making you much less likely to skip your visits when you need them. Instead of waiting until your dental problem has grown out of control, you will be able to visit us every 6 months for your regular dental exam and cleaning. During this appointment, we will completely examine your mouth to find any underlying problems. Hopefully, if there are any problems, we will be able to nip them in the bud. This will save you from painful problems and expensive dental procedures down the line. Sedation dentistry can help you feel relaxed during all of your future appointments and procedures. This will inspire you to never skip another appointment again.

  1. Consider Sedation Dentistry Because You Can Complete Multiple Procedures in One Sitting

If you normally find yourself making multiple dental appointments because you just can’t stand to sit in the chair for more than one procedure at a time, you are wasting your time and energy visiting us. Save yourself some time and have all of your procedures completed in one sitting with help from sedation dentistry. Since sedation dentistry helps you relax, you will find that it’s easy to sit in the chair for hours at a time. Instead of paying us multiple visits, you can have everything done in one sitting. If the dentist gives you anxiety, this is the perfect option to help you pay fewer visits to us and to experience fewer days of anxiety.

  1. Consider Sedation Dentistry to Complete Necessary Preventive Dentistry

Many patients who suffer from dental anxiety find themselves avoiding their bi-annual dental exams and cleanings which can hurt their dental health. Avoiding these preventive dentistry appointments can set you up to have severe dental problems. Just visiting us for an hour every six months can help prevent you from enduring significant dental pain and thus visits of painful procedures that are hours long. It makes more sense to visit us for these short and painless dental cleanings to avoid more severe problems down the line. During these visits, we look for any problems that may be occurring in your mouth as well as complete a cleaning where we remove stuck on plaque and tartar to avoid cavities. You can request to use sedation dentistry for your preventive dentistry procedures to make them more tolerable.

  1. Consider Sedation Dentistry to Change Your Perspective of the Dentist

Once you visit our Carmichael dentist with assistance from sedation dentistry, you will find that visiting the dentist can be a pleasant experience. Once you visit us a few times while using sedation dentistry, you will begin to feel that your anxiety prior to your appointment will lessen. Eventually, you may not even require help with sedation dentistry. We recommend sedation dentistry to patients who grew up with a fear of the dentist or had a bad experience in the past that made them never want to visit again. Once these people begin to feel relaxed and comfortable in our dental office, they will begin to form a new perspective of the dentist. The dentist will no longer be a scary experience, instead, it will be a relaxing and routine part of your life.

  1. Consider Sedation Dentistry Because it Can Help Eliminate Your Gag Reflex

When you have a strong gag reflex, visiting the dentist can be a very uncomfortable task. Imagine going through your entire dental visit gagging, and sometimes actually throwing up because your gag reflex is so strong. This can all be avoided with help from sedation dentistry. With sedation dentistry, your entire body will relax for your dental procedures, including your gag reflex. This means you can go through your entire appointment without feeling the need to gag when the dentist goes too far into your mouth to work on your back molars. By helping patients who suffer from a strong gag reflex, they will find their appointments comfortable enough to visit us regularly, finally comfortable enough to visit us when they need to and to receive the dental care they need. You no longer need to feel embarrassed during your visits, sedation dentistry can help!

  1. Consider Sedation Dentistry to Help You Sit Still

Whether you suffer from Parkinson’s disease, ADHD, ADD a mental disorder or you have pain that makes it hard to sit from extended periods of time, you will find sedation dentistry to be very helpful for getting you through your appointment. At Redford Dental Care, we can give you oral sedation which will sedate you enough to feel extremely relaxed and potentially even cause you to fall asleep. This will allow you to sit still throughout your entire procedure. By being completely relaxed, Dr. Redford can easily complete your dental procedures while you sit still. This will help your procedures go by faster, saving you time in the chair. We can even complete multiple procedures at once so you don’t have to pay us a second visit.

  1. Consider Sedation Dentistry if You Experience Pain Sensitivity

All of our patients have different pain levels, some with a lower tolerance than others. For these patients with sensitive teeth or gums, they can find it challenging to make it to the dentist. A simple touch to their teeth can cause them excruciating pain, making procedures impossible to do. Some patients also experience more soreness or pain following procedures. These patients tend to avoid the dentist because it is such a painful experience for them. With help from both Novocain and sedation dentistry, however, they can expect a relaxing and pain-free experience. The Novocain is supposed to take away your pain, but sometimes it’s not enough. The sedation dentistry will help relieve any additional pain as well as relax you. You can sit comfortably throughout your procedure and not have to sit there and worry that the pain is coming.

  1. Consider Sedation Dentistry if Your Gums and Teeth are Oversensitive

Some patients experience an increased tooth and gum sensitivity which can make a simple dental exam a painful experience. These patients can’t withstand the sensations of dental care like scraping of their teeth, the drill or even tooth polishing. This isn’t a physical problem so it can’t be solved with Novocain. These patients dislike the feeling of dental instruments so we recommend sedation dentistry to relax them enough to withstand the sensations. The sedation dentistry will take the edge off and therefore help patients sit through their procedures at ease.

  1. Consider Sedation Dentistry Because You Can Remain Awake

At Redford Dental Care, we offer several types of sedation dentistry options. Amongst those includes oral conscious sedation or taking a pill. This pill is in the same family as valium and helps you feel relaxed. The pill is to be taken before your appointment and will make you feel at peace and relaxed. You will remain conscious during the procedure although you may feel so relaxed you drift off to sleep. You should note that if you choose this option, you will need to arrange for a ride to and from your appointment.

Our other option is laughing gas or nitrous oxide. This option is administered in our office during your procedure. Our dentist has the control to adjust the amount given to you which is helpful for patients who may need more sedation than others. Nitrous oxide wears off within minutes of stopping so you don’t need to worry about arranging for a ride. No need to worry about being put to sleep, our options keep you awake and alert enough to talk to us during your procedure.

  1. Consider Sedation Dentistry to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Another top reason to consider sedation dentistry is that it can help you improve the quality of your life. Patients who have a hard time visiting the dentist whether due to anxiety, fear or a medical condition, suffer during their visits. When an appointment is arriving, you won’t feel a sense of high anxiety because you know the sedation dentistry will help you through the appointment. There’s no reason to spend time worrying about your next visit because you will soon come to enjoy them.

  1. Consider Sedation Dentistry to Have All Your Work Done

Having multiple dental appointments scheduled in your future can cause even more anxiety in your life. Help save yourself from that anxiety and have all of your work done on the same day. When you go an amount of time without visiting us, dental problems can add up causing the need for several dental procedures. With help from our different sedation dentistry options, patients can feel comfortable enough to complete all of their procedures in the same visit. Any work that needs to be done can be done in a timely manner without forcing you to return back for additional visits unless necessary.

Hopefully, after experiencing a visit with sedation dentistry after having all of their necessary procedures, the patient will find that the dentist isn’t a terrible experience and will continue to visit us regularly in the future. Whether these future visits include the use of sedation dentistry or not, we just want to provide our patients with a comfortable environment to receive dental care in.

Experience Sedation Dentistry at Your Next Appointment

If you have a fear of the dentist, experience dental anxiety, increased dental pain or find it hard to sit still, please consider using sedation dentistry in Carmichael for your next appointment. You will find that your procedures will be much more comfortable and tolerable. As a result, you may actually get over your fear. Try it out at your next appointment by mentioning it when you schedule your appointment. Our staff is committed to making you feel as comfortable as possible. Give us a call or fill out our online form today to get started.