What age do you think kids should first visit a dentist? Four? Five? Would it surprise you to learn that most experts advise parents to bring their kids to the dentist at the time of their first birthday? This is to let them experience pediatric dentistry and get a very positive experience of dental care. At Redford Dental Care in Carmichael, CA, we want all parents to understand why children’s dentistry is important, and to do so we offer these children’s dentistry FAQs.

As your preferred dentist in Carmichael, we have a large array of treatment options, including children’s dentistry, and we are sure that these children’s dentistry FAQs will help to make it clear just why you should get your kids familiar with our children’s dentist as early as possible.

My child is just over one and has a few teeth. Should we bring her in for a visit?

Absolutely! If there is one thing we hope all parents take away from these children’s dentistry FAQs, it is that “normalizing” dentistry is one of the greatest gifts they can give to their kids. Making it an everyday thing to visit the dental office, have an exam, get a cleaning and visit with the team is a good way to lay the foundation for a lifetime of optimal oral health.

Will you help me to learn how to best clean my child’s teeth?

Again, that should be answered with an “absolutely”. There are always several goals to your visits. The first is to ensure you child is always comfortable with dental treatments in order to help them avoid the development of any dental anxieties later in life. The second is to ensure the health and proper development of teeth and gums, and the third is oral hygiene. We will help kids learn how to brush properly, and are more than happy to show parents just how to clean young teeth and gums, what tools or products to use, and how to overcome any challenges.

Can you help my child avoid the need for braces or orthodontics later?

We can’t help a child avoid these treatments, but we can keep you ahead of the game. We can alert you to issues we see appearing during the earliest dental development, and this can often allow you to get preemptive treatments that lessen the severity of issues and avoid lengthier treatments as the child matures.

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