What many people do not realize is that everyone is a candidate for general dentistry. This is because general dentistry is the same as preventative dentistry, and is an area focused on identifying and addressing any and all risks to overall oral health. At Redford Dental Care in Carmichael, CA, we provide patients with every level of preventative dentistry in order to safeguard their long-term health.

Why You Are a Candidate for General Dentistry

Let us take just a moment to be sure you understand the exact reasons that all patients of all ages and all conditions are a candidate for general dentistry. Firstly, a general dentist is the dentist who provides dental exams, dental cleanings, x-rays, oral cancer screenings and ensures you have optimal oral hygiene.

These are treatments you require throughout life. So, that makes it fairly easy to see that everyone qualifies for ongoing general care.

As your preferred dentist in Carmichael, we also provide you with the additional general dentistry solutions that include fillings, root canals, periodontics for treating gum disease and all further treatments necessary to ensure ongoing oral health and wellness. This might include our night guards and treatments for TMJ, but it can also mean sedation dentistry for those with dental anxiety.

As you can see, all of this makes every patient a strong, and ongoing candidate for general dentistry. Even those with dentures will require regular visits to their Carmichael general dentist to ensure that their gums, dentures and soft tissue of their mouth remains in top shape. There really are no patients who are not good candidates for ongoing preventative dentistry and office visits.

A Lesser Recognized Benefit

One of the lesser recognized benefits of your regular general and preventative dentistry care is the way it enhances your oral hygiene. After all, as we examine your teeth and gums, we can explain to you how or where your oral hygiene routine is not meeting your actual needs. We can then discuss some solutions and ensure you obtain the best toothbrush, paste, rinses, guards and more.

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