Am I a Candidate for Cosmetic Dentistry?


Am I a Candidate for Cosmetic Dentistry?

candidate for cosmetic dentistry

In the age of cosmetic treatments for any esthetic issues, it can be altogether too easy to think that you are not a candidate for cosmetic dentistry. After all, you might think it is an area of dental specialization that is nothing more than the overall looks of the teeth and gums. However, as your dentist in Carmichael, we encourage you to consider how cosmetic dentistry actually does a lot more.

When to Visit Your Cosmetic Dentist

As a preferred Carmichael dentist, we often meet with patients curious to discover if they are a candidate for cosmetic dentistry. They might wonder if any of the issues they have with their smiles can be remedied by treatments available from our cosmetic dentistry specialist. For the most part, the answer is yes. For example, a patient with several teeth that are deeply stained but unable to be whitened, that are out of alignment or that are misshapen could be a perfect candidate for porcelain veneers.

In fact, some of the most frequent treatments we offer through our cosmetic dentist include:

And while teeth whitening is a purely cosmetic treatment, it is important for anyone wondering if they are a candidate for cosmetic dentistry to consider how the other treatments are more than cosmetic.

Take Invisalign as a prime example. Yes, this is a wonderfully discreet way to straighten the smile. Using clear aligners that slide invisibly over the teeth, the system can slowly and effectively fix such cosmetic issues as overlapping teeth or a misaligned bite. However, think about that for a moment. Those issues are also functional. They can make your bite less healthy and even problematic over the long term.

This means that you might be an ideal candidate for cosmetic dentistry but you are also a good candidate for some corrective treatments, too. The fact that many cosmetic dentistry solutions can also address the function, health, and appearance of the teeth and gums means that almost anyone can be seen as a candidate for cosmetic treatments.

Of course, one of the treatments that all patients will eventually qualify for is teeth whitening. This is an issue that few of us have total control over, and it can be used once or more each year (often as part of your regular exam or cleaning) to give you a dazzling smile and super confidence. It can be for a special event. The one thing to keep in mind, though, is that it is great for everyone.

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