Would it surprise you to learn that a high percentage of adults experience such extreme dental anxiety that they skip regular cleanings and exams? Would it surprise you further to know that fear of the dentist causes many adults to wait to come for a visit until it is no longer avoidable due to pain or infection? At Redford Dental Care in Carmichael, CA, we understand the realities of dental anxiety, offer sedation dentistry to address it and encourage all patients to discover the many benefits of sedation dentistry for themselves or their family members afraid of dental treatments.

As your comprehensive, family dentist in Carmichael, our primary goal is your optimal oral health. This begins with twice annual cleanings and exams. If fear of the dentist keeps you from these visits, it is entirely acceptable to request sedation dentistry.

As your sedation dentist, we can offer oral sedation that provides you with a sense of calm and relaxation that no level of dental anxiety can disrupt. If you prefer to be in a twilight state during treatment, that level of sedation is possible, too.

Keep in mind that the benefits of sedation dentistry go well beyond helping you with basic treatments. For example, you might require several treatments, and though our dental team could handle them in one visit, your anxiety might make it impossible. However, with the benefits of sedation dentistry on your side, you can get multiple treatments at one visit without any lingering upset or anxiety.

Additional benefits of sedation dentistry include the simple fact that it can end up saving you time and money. While multiple treatments at one sitting was already mentioned, consider too that you may no longer hesitate to get care, and this means less costly treatments might become available. Rather than deep decay requiring a root canal, as an example, you might be able to have a simple inlay or onlay for the lightest amount of decay.

Many patients who begin using sedation dentistry also say that they cease to experience a negative feeling about dental care. With each treatment that uses sedation, they feel less anxious about visits and soon have almost no dental anxiety.

Stop Experiencing Dental Anxiety with Help from Sedation Dentistry

Does this sound appealing to you? If so, feel free to give us a call at our Carmichael, CA office at 916-972-8851. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.